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Rex Is Slanderous!

It must be Tuesday… Slanderous Minneapolis has posted a new “Totally Legitimate Interview” with our own Rexy. Slanderous asks some legitimate questions but Rex seems to dance around the answers, at one point blaming ex-girlfriends for “not being able to blog about certain topics.” What R U hiding Rex? Ah, it’s all in good fun, and Rex will answer additional questions if you post them in the comments.

Today’s Misc. Link

Hell: My Little Pony Fair.
MN Daily: Burlesque is hot!
PiPress: Papatola blogging from L.A.
MPR: New tap-dancing group, Ten Foot Five.
Sports Illustrated: Vikings in the Super Bowl.
Strib: Sorry, you actually didn’t win that Powerball.

Don’t Wanna Be an American Idiot

While new Strib columnist Katherine Kersten hails the benefits of home-schooling, saying that it only costs parents (who can afford to stay at home) an average of $400 a year for materials, Emerson School in Minneapolis is trying to keep teachers employed and classroom sizes under control with an uber-limited budget. And knocking on the door: international countries spitting out twice as many (and better) educated students while we debate more education cuts. So what’s the answer my friends — a new stadium?

Up Next: That *$#@&! Applebee’s

Call me a snobby cynic, but this is the best news downtown Minneapolis has had in a long time: TGI Friday’s and Copeland’s are closing.

Mullet Mania: Cut It for the Kids

Can you feel it in the air? Mullet Mania is coming! It seems two Anoka County woman have had enough of the mullet and are encouraging those with the “business in the front/party in the back” hair philosophy to shed their locks to raise money for local scholarships. Brilliant! Now if we can wean them off wrestlemania.