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Stayin’ Alive Downtown

Done with work, but don’t want to leave downtown? Lucky you — the Alive After Five outdoor concert series begins at (duh) 5 p.m. at Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis and runs weekdays all month. The line-up includes Heiruspecs, G.B. Leighton, Savage Aural Hotbed, and many more. This is one gathering where corporate suits and the homeless unite for music, beer, and superb people-watching. See also: Tunes @ Noon.

Today’s Misc. Local Links

MPR: Pawlenty hates poetry.
Strib: We’ll give anyone a blog.
McSweeney’s: Is Minnesota OK?
CP: ‘Pawlenty for President’ FAQ.
CP: Even we wanna talk about real estate!
Skyway News: A ‘Lunds village’ in Loring Park?
F&C: Twin Cities is home improvement hot spot.

A Hiring Spree at the Strib

You can’t speed-read the Strib lately without running into talk about an Exciting! New! Redesign! Coming! In! September! It appears the paper will even be ramping up coverage in those “vertical” areas by hiring new reporters in these fields: The Internet, Faith and Values, The Minnesota Wild, Fashion, and — our favorite — Nightlife. They should really let that Fleet Driver handle that fashion beat.

Pentagon Announces Plans To Close Camp Snoopy

We’ll never write headlines as well as The Onion. “We never enjoy having to close a base, but Camp Snoopy is a relic of America’s Cold War past.”

Ana vs. Diablo: The Knitting War

A shift from third wave to fourth wave feminism? A passing of the clitoral guard? A celeb-blogger shoot-out? These are all questions we asked upon noticing that Ana Voog is taking issue with Diablo Cody‘s CP cover story on knitting. (It’s okay if you’ve forgotten, but a million digital years ago Ana Voog was quasifamous as an early web cam girl.) The local LiveJournaling knitters are also jumping into the yarn. UPDATE: Diablo responds.