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Loons on the Loose

These loons aren’t staying long, but if you keep a watchful eye around bar close, you just might spot a different breed of loon: The Drunken Minneapolis Male.

20, 21, 22…

Wolfgang Puck! Wolfgang Puck! Wolfgang Puck!!!
Alright already! We already mentioned the PiPress interview, and now the Strib adds their own with such investigative zingers as “If a movie were made on your life, who would you choose to play you?” (What, not Tom Hulce?) And WCCO has two pieces: cooking with Bill Carlson and cooking with Jeanette Trompeter. And Kare 11 too. And… well, we’re tired of looking for links.

Rocketboom Activates in Minneapolis

Forget sweeps week. Hell, forget TV altogether — Manhattan-based videoblog Rocketboom is more entertaining in three minutes than most anything on the boob tube. Of course, I’m biased. Today marks my debut as their Minneapolis field correspondent, having too much fun at last weekend’s Living Green Expo.

Oh Yes He Did

Wear It, says the Strib, is a new men’s clothing boutique in St. Paul (1326 Grand) that sells not only contemporary fashions, but fashions made by local designers. A godsend to some, I’m sure. I complain about not having enough shops for women, but the guys really have it rough. With only a handful of stores in town, you trendier fellas must run a pretty high risk of “Oh, no he didn’t!” incidents at the club.

Screaming Cancer

Some people are taking the moral high ground over KSTP’s use of reporter Kristin Stinar’s ovarian cancer story during sweeps week. But if you actually sit down and watch the video of a touching segment of Kristin telling her painful story…. Ha-ha, gotcha again. In reality, hearing lines like “Ovarian cancer doesn’t shout, it whispers” could get you so depressed that you run to the MN Gothling Forum for comfort. Big surprise though: ratings were good.