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Thar She Blows…

Speaking on behalf of Minnesotans, new conservative Strib columnist takes on the topic of… Gay Marriage! Could she be any more predictable?

Today’s Misc. Local Links

WCCO: Barry’s Best Buy. (Video)
MnDOT: Toll lanes? What toll lanes?
MPR: Toro CEO on Midmorning. (Audio)
Strib Corex: Don’t eat the Javanese Vegetable Salad!

Love, Internet Style

Woman falls in love with man on internet. Woman invests $280,000 with man. Man spends money on other things, including a wedding ring for a different woman. Woman pleas in courtroom to not send man to jail. Judge sends him to jail anyway. This story has been brought to you by the Jerry Springer for Internet President Campaign.

Unofficial Current Playlist Archive

Music nerds make the best internet nerds. Someone has created, an unofficial playlist of everything played on The Current. Yes, everything. There are pages for Most Played Songs (the newest singles from Sleater-Kinney and Gorillaz), Top Artists (Aimee Mann), and Most Diverse Artist (Honeydogs).

7 Quick Questions for Diablo Cody

Now that knitting-gate has quieted down, we would like to announce our 7QQ interview with Diablo Cody, the Twin Cities’ favorite ex-stripper. She blew away the competition on Local Blogging Amateur Night with her true-life tales of masturbating for cash during a stint at Sex World and included enough witty analysis of the TV shows she watched on her time off to pick up a “respectable” gig at City Pages. She’s already finished a book, sold a screenplay, and even bigger things seem to be in the works for this foul-mouthed, sweet-natured brainiac pervert. Continue to the interview to hear tales from the Robbinsdale American Legion and her choice for favorite fragrant stripper.