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Bad Geography

Funny ha-ha. Naming a film Milwaukee, Minnesota sounds like a soft punch at those who still think the Coen brothers set a film in Fargo, Minn. Now available: the trailer to the film, which opens June 3 in three cities: NYC, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis (at the Lagoon).

This Is Not Another Dylan Headline

As Hibbing’s Dylan Days wind down this week, The Duluth News-Tribune hunts down people who knew Robert Zimmerman, including a neighbor, a babysitter, and an 11th-grade English teacher who corrected a 22-page Dylan-authored essay on Grapes of Wrath that recently sold for nearly $35,000. Coinciding nicely, the Strib mentions that the Steinbeck paper can be seen in a Dylan EMP exhibit in Seattle.

Avuncular or Arrogant: Aaron Brown

The Rake has an interview with Hopkins-native Aaron Brown (not on the newsstands yet), who has that soft-yet-authoritative voice that once would have been perfect for the anchor chair but now sounds like grandpa remembering the war. Meanwhile, the new Radar magazine (not online yet) writes “Close to 60 percent of the CNN staffers we polled call Brown a narcissist. ‘Aaron is totally consumed with himself,’ says one insider, who notes that many correspondents refuse to appear on NewsNight, citing Brown’s habit of sandbagging reporters by aggressively questioning or contradicting them.”

Whoopty Wu

I hate this music with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but if you are inclined to have the queasy m√©lange of all the boring bits of psych-rock, fusion, bluegrass, and blues that is “jam band” in your life, here’s Chris Riemenshneider’s take on the scene’s spring season. And check that very unhippie headline: “vie for dominance”! That’s the music press for you, starting beefs.

Annual Strib Comics Survey

Now’s your chance to finally abolish Garfield. The 2005 Star-Tribune Comics Survey lets you vote on 43 current and potential comics. Ignore this post if you plan to give Mark Trail a failing grade.