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I Don’t Know Jack

You’ve probably noticed that we have a new radio station, 104.1 Jack FM, armed with the vaguely casual slogan “playing what we want.” The lively radio biz blog Radio Marketing Nexus says that this “Jack” thing, far from being a dim attempt to square the KQ-Mix 104 circle, is actually some next type shit for big-time radio! Wow! Right here in river city! Radio stations change hands/formats in this city as often as we get soul-destroying spring weather, so it might not be on in the front of anyone’s mind — nothing in radio is anymore. One of Jack’s on-air tags says “Just listen. It’s like your iPod on shuffle.” Though in point of fact the station has played zero old hardcore rave, Detroit ghetto house, or Devo, so it is nothing like my iPod on shuffle — but okay, we do have Def Leppard in common. Want a sample? Here are the last 10 songs.

Now Branding: The ‘Hoods

So you’re looking for a new neighborhood to call home. But not just any neighborhood — you want one with a diverse community, good restaurants, and, most importantly, a fantastic logo. The up-and-coming warehousy North Loop has announced their new logo that will “connect people to the place that they live.” That’s great, but what happened to naming North Loop the “NoWare District”? It rolls off the tongue and makes for a better Neighborhoodie.

What Arzue Gocken At?

Slanderous Minneapolis continues their interview series today with questions for Arzu Gocken of Selby Tigers and So Fox.

Today’s Misc. Links

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Strib: Restaurant battle at 50th & France.
Rake: Lou Gelfand vs. Kate Parry death match.
Flickr: Pics from the closing night of Ralph’s in Moorhead.

Librarian Totalitarianism

The last brave bastion of the late fee is causing some waves with its new ad campaign. Juxtapositioning pictures of the new downtown Minneapolis library with beaurocracy-loving hard-asses Chairman Mao and J. Edgar Hoover seem inappropriate to you? Well, it makes perfect sense to those of us who have soured on the punitive annoyance of overdue fines and will not even be allowed to check out books at the new library. But Lileks is pissed.