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Bye-Bye Quaint St. Paul

Construction on the Market Lofts in Lowertown is finally underway. The structure — consisting of 44 “true loft” condos complete with oversized windows and open floor plans — will be built over a 15,000 square foot enclosed expansion to the St. Paul Farmers’ Market, allowing it to stay open year-round. Gone are the days of huge lofts, dirt cheap rent, and nothin’ to do for St. Paul’s quiet art district. Over half of the Market Loft condos have been presold, and builders aren’t slowing down. Luckily, neither are restaurateurs. David Fhima’s LoTo opened just last week across Mears Park, and Farmers’ Market patrons will be treated to another new restaurant inside the expansion once construction is complete.

Runaway Runway

You can think of Voltage a few different ways. I think of it as Project Runway meets America’s Next Top Model meets The Osbourne’s. Perhaps I need less reality tv. Tonight, the much-anticipated show finally arrives. Here’s a small selection of designers who will be showing their work this evening at First Ave:
Steven Hutton |
Anna Lee |
Emily Johnson |
Dahli Langer |
Sondra Mann |
Labrador Style |
Taissa Lada |
Elizabeth Chesney.

Unlocking Minnesota’s DaVinci Code

WCCO has new evidence… new evidence! new evidence!!! (It’s sweeps week — we’re obliged to speak with exclamatory repetitiveness.) The story is about the Kensington Runestone — a slab of rock supposedly found by a farmer in 1898 near Alexandria that set off an international debate about Norwegians living in Minnesota before Columbus. Big surprise, a couple geologists are “unlocking the secrets” of the stone. Apparently, the rune starts “Eight Goths and 22 Norwegians on an exploration journey,” which obviously proves it’s a fake because we’ve already heard the punchline of that Marilyn Manson joke. Anyway, here’s the video of the ‘CCO story.

Legacy Lives on at Mancini’s

If you’ve ever dined at Mancini’s Char House in St. Paul, chances are, midway through your chunk of heart-shaped beef, a funny old man came up to your table offering a cake and a song for seemingly no reason at all. Well that’s what happened to me, and I’ve never forgotten the sweet experience. Today the PiPress reports that owner and lover-of-life Nick Mancini suffers from dementia and how his family and friends are supporting him during his struggle. As for the Char House… looks like it will stay in the Mancini family, so you have your cake and eat too.

Let’s F*ck, I Don’t Care Where

CHEEK and Lindsey Thomas offer their takes on Nerve’s Sex Advice from Music Critics.
Q: Is there rampant incest within the community?
A: Only if you’re from Minnesota.