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Where Roomba Meets Burundi

The Walker will play host next week to the PUSH the Future conference. iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner and anthropologist Marc Sommers are among a diverse list of speakers.

50 Is Never Enough

Fire up the vitriolic letter-to-the-editor pen — City Pages has released a list ready-made for dissent: Minnesota’s 50 Greatest Hits, a list of the best singles from the past several decades. It’s one song per band, so a bigger implicit debate might be over the single best Replacements or Husker Du and Prince tunes (“I Will Dare” and “Eight Miles High” and “Kiss,” respectively, according to this list). Also, check out the sidebar list of Minnecentric tunes.

Today’s Misc. Local Links

CP: Huge fake boobs on the cover!
PiPress: TC 9th most unwired city.
CP: Gay Repulican? Here? No way!
ChiTrib: National coverage of Children’s Theatre Tony.

We’ll Rise Again

If you missed the Hold Steady show, you should check out Chuck’s post with video and pics, including Craig’s simply awesome love-fest (video) on the MSP Music Scene. If there are other show links, please put them in the comments.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Today the Hatch girls will have their day in court, a year following their alleged misconduct at a Chicago nightclub. On Tuesday they waived their right to a trial by jury instead opting for a bench trial, supported by the presence of their dad, MN Attorney General Mike Hatch. In the court hearing Tuesday, the sisters “Shared furtive glances and locked arms for a time. A court deputy admonished them for whispering. Their father stared straight ahead, emotionless, for most of the 40-minute proceeding.” Let’s see if Daddy can get his girls out of this one.