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Fear Factor Is Coming to Rochester

This is even better than learning Spike Lee is looking for hot Albanians: Fear Factor is coming to Minnesota. “Casting directors are now searching for the single most energetic and fearless household in greater Rochester.” Say what? How the home of the Mayo Clinic will stand up in a new season that will pit “two-person teams against each other with a variety of extreme challenges in exotic locations” is anyone’s guess.

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Redesign Is in the Water

Since we boxed ourselves into a media-centric corner by mentioning redesigns, we should mention that just got a big facelift (welcome note). If it looks a little fancy for a local tv site, it’s because all the CBS O&Os across the nation are getting reworked right now. The video page is pretty nice, the “News Near You” feature is handy, and the “Save It” clipping function is interesting. But since I work in the online news industry (and spend all day staring at news websites — can you blame me for hating life?), maybe I’m blinded to what’s actually important — what do you think?

The Lake Doth Beckon

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a lake cabin, but fear not — Square Lake (voted Best Beach by City Pages) belongs to all of us. Especially this Saturday, when the Summer Solstice Festival invites you to camp out under the stars to the sounds of Kid Dakota and Spaghetti Western String Co., not to mention local film screenings. Who needs Burning Man?

Today’s Misc. Local Links

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