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Another Site With Bad Music

File under: it’s Saturday, and we need to post something new. Club Monaco, which is the Canadian subsidiary of Polo, opens at the Mall of America today.

Art For Fuck’s Sake

Why visit new website Mplsart? You could credibly explain that the easy-to-navigate page provides much-needed at-a-glance coverage of our visual arts. But the hidden gem of the page is the collection of gallery opening party photos. Just who are all these sexy, cosmopolitan bastards? They should rename the section Who’s Fuckable In the Twin Cities Art Scene.

Like Vintage? Get Sick.

Vintage lovers: if there’s a day to fein an illness it’s today. The Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry and Textile Show is at the St. Paul Rivercenter. They promise four ballrooms of hard-to-find-jewels, authentic clothing as well as the usual trinkets and trash. Just watch out for former Albert Lea Mayors.

Today’s Misc. Local Links

Behind The Mortgage: Condomania. Poem of the Week (involving gay sex).
Bounce: Website of that CP cover girl’s band (no pics).
89.3 Forums: On Rev 105 Radio Archive Volume 1 CD.

30 Minutes of Fame

Jordis Unga didn’t win on CBS’s Star Search 4, but maybe she’ll fare better on CBS’s Rock Star, a new reality tv show to find a new singer for INXS. Apparently, she’s a bartender in St. Paul… anyone know her?