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Camaraderie Presents: 6th Annual Murray Christmas

murray christmas

Celebrate that magical and mysteriously appearing being who is often portrayed with (these days, anyway) a white beard—Bill Murray. Tonight at the Turf Club, Camaraderie brings back their annual Murray Christmas, complete with Murray sighting stories, a Murray art raffle, a Murri-cane costume contest (we’re going as Murray from Space Jam, don’t copy it), and more Murray fun. Plus there’s going to be music from Shoshone George & the All Star Band, Mae Simpson, The Butter Boys, Paperilo, Dangerbad, and The Nunnery. And who knows, maybe Bill will show up. 7 PM. $9 advance, $12 door, $10 with Murray Costume. —Bob Harris

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave W, STPL;

The Not-So-Silent Planet: A Speculative Open-Mic

not so silent planet

Hear some brand spanking new speculative fiction—stories that draw from the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, steam punk, maybe some slash fiction about those nun frogs who run the Jedi historical site in The Last Jedi, etc.—at tonight’s The Not So Silent Planet in the cozy confines of the back room at Kieran’s. Along with the open mic participants, this month’s installment includes extra special guest Tim Wick who Regular Readers will recognize from Vilification Tennis, multiple shows at the Fringe fest, and skits at CONvergence. 8:30 PM. $5-10 sliding scale, $3 with Fringe button. —Hitara

Kieran’s Irish Pub, 601 1st Ave N, MPLS;

Memory Lanes Winter Cover Show

twisted sister

Even better than all the presents on your list to Santa, the Memory Lanes Winter Cover show crams in a bunch of loud fast legends—and maybe even some costumes!—into a bowling alley. Stop in to hear sets from Twisted Sister (and not just the hits, but some of Dee’s other party tunes), hardcore punk legends Bad Brains, and even a full set of Cali punk legends Fear from their legendary debut Fear: The Record9:30 PM. Free.Paul Cajun

Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Ave S, MPLS;

Anne Fadiman + The Wine Lover’s Daughter


Even though this is the rescheduled date for award-winning and acclaimed essayist Anne Fadiman, but we still expect to see a Who’s Who of the local lit scene tonight at Soap Factory when Fadiman presents her new book, The Wine Lover’s Daughter. It’s because any time Rain Taxi brings in these authors, it’s a big deal. And tonight is no exception—the same mountains of praise for her previous works continues with the new book, which tackles her critic father’s wine cellar and her relationship with him, not to mention mid-century middlebrow culture, and more. 7:30 PM. $5.Tracy Oxford

Soap Factory, 514 SE 2nd St, MPLS;

Whiskey & Wax Christmas Edition

dalton wade

If you’re into the idea of a holiday party, but would rather sip some whiskey cocktails than mingle more with office mates or survive some more family time, treaty yourself with other whiskey and wax fans tonight at Dalton and Wade. Attendees can bring in your own Christmas album to play, and while you’re there, try out the food—the spot was recently named a best new restaurant by Thrillist and nominated for some Kind of a Big Deal awards from The Growler. 8 PM. Free. —Art Humes

Dalton and Wade, 323 N. Washington Ave, MPLS;