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Ripper (Residency) + Tyte Jeff + Josh Harmony & Co


The fast and furious Ripper have been spending the month of December spreading the best gift they can give—High octane rock ‘n’ roll! For free!—and tonight they’re joined by Jeff Allen (formerly of the beloved Plastic Constellations) up-tempo and melodic band Tyte Jeff (speaking of fun song titles, “From the Mouths of Major Babes”!) and talented Josh Harmony & Co.. We’re big fans of Harmony’s older tunes like “Death Don’t Have No Mercy” as much as his newer rock pop like RollerCoaster, so we’ll see you there early to catch all the acts. 9 PM. Free.Paul Cajun

Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Ave S, MPLS;

FilmNorth December Cinema Lounge


If you’re up for a movie tonight, but want something with more creativity and fewer plot holes than, say, a certain inescapable blockbuster film that’s out right now, head to Bryant Lake Bowl for the December installment of FilmNorth‘s Cinema Lounge. Local indie filmmakers will be on hand to see short films from Alan Tracy, Micah Dahl, Matthew Dressel, and Mark Hanson and Cameron Nelson (a slate curated by Valérie Déus), and hear them in discussion with host Joshua Carlon. Plus, just like a VIP movie theater, the BLB cabaret also has drinks available while you watch. 7 PM. Free.Curt Stanski

Bryant Lake Theater, 810 W Lake St, MPLS;

Burger Hunter @#$&*

Burger Hunter Retires

For the past 94 weeks we’ve been on a wild adventure all across Twincy hunting for burgers. We learned so much on this ride and it all felt like one giant party between buns. The restaurants, the chefs, the service, and all the owners that help to elevate the greatest sandwich ever, we thank you! Without a doubt Minnesota, and especially the MSP area, has taken the lead on burger creativity. There’s a respect for traditional flavors yet we continue to move forward. Not a week goes by without another new spot offering their take on the best burger around. It’s quite the market here.

Now this is an official announcement: I’m taking a long extended break from hunting for burgers. Yes, I know that I’ve missed many spots (Shaw’s!) and I understand that there will be new ones to come, but the groundwork has been laid and it’s your turn. You see a bar that has neons in the window with a crowded parking lot, go hunt it! Finding these burger gems is the real reason for the season. It’s the delight in trying something different or someplace maybe you wouldn’t have gone before. That’s how to really make good memories. I want to thank each and every single one of our readers for your support along the way. Your encouragement, ideas, criticism, and comedy has made this journey feel like a team effort. Thank you and it’s time for a salad.

Your friend,

The Great American Burger Hunter

Flavor: 🍔   Presentation: 🍔   Originality: 🍔

Stage Reading: CAPITAL CRIME!

Playwrights Center

We know this is pretty short notice to try and get over to The Playwright’s Center for an afternoon reading, but at the very least we’d like to get Carson Kreitzer’s CAPITAL CRIME!—a new “Brecht-meets-Riot-Grrl” play with songs about the gilded age (no, not now, the previous one)—on your radar for its full showing in the future. Along with Kreitzer’s script full of lust, murder, greed, and unfettered capitalism, Annie Enneking (of Annie & The Bang Bang) composed the tunes. Pop by to see and hear a staged go-through of it all if you’re free this afternoon. 2:30 PM. Free.Hitara

The Playwright’s Center, 2301 E Franklin Ave, MPLS;

Surly Blackout

surly blackout

Mix some local black beer with some Black Flag tonight at Nomad’s Surly Blackout party. The West Bank bar has some much-sought-after Surly Darkness from this and last year, plus cover band Blackish Flag and DJ CRMBS will be playing starting at 9 PM. 7 PM beers. 9 PM music. Free for beer, $5 music. —Art Humes

Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Ave S, MPLS;