Homegrown prog-metallers Zebulon Pike have been consistently playing occasional shows, both around the Twin Towns and in opening spots on national tours, sharing stages over their relatively short but amazing career with the likes of High on Fire, The Sword, Blue Cheer, Boris, Helmet, The Melvins, and more. On Saturday the powerful four piece releases their 5th album with Vulgaari (last seen at Surly Darkness Day) and Chicago’s super rocking Electric Hawk. You’re going to need your earplugs and then maybe even some more ear protection for this one: while Zebulon Pike creates dynamic sounds that can be atmospheric, they also turn on a dime into skull rattling riffs. Saturday, 9 PM. $8.—Curt Stanski

Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Ave, MPLS, triplerocksocialclub.com