If you think it takes more than 24 hrs to do a good stage show . . . well, in some cases you’re right. But seeing whether the 40+ female (and some male) theatre artists competing in Theatre Unbound’s Xtreme Theater Smackdown can come up with big wins or whiffs in their 6 new short plays after just one day of writing and rehearsing is part of thrill of the event. This year’s Smackdown also features a special ingredient in contributions from Wendy Knox from Frank Theatre, Rhiana Yazzie from New Native Theatre, Sarah Rasmussen from Jungle Theater, and other big local names in the theater scene, making it Must Attend for adventurous fans of conventional theater. Saturday, 8 PM. $22, $18 with Fringe button.Hitara

SteppingStone Theatre, 55 North Victoria Street, STPL; steppingstonetheatre.org