At first we thought that was a pic of Action Bronson, but it’s actually maybe even cooler. The artist musicians in Imants Žodžiks, a group in Soviet Latvia from 1982 to 1990, worked on a variety of performances and activities, including the fantastic Workshop for the Restoration of Unfelt Feelings (NSRD) that included, among other things, a program of making sunglasses. Their recipe, which attendees at the Midway Contemporary Art Library will be following tonight, includes “When considering a new design for the sunglasses form or color combination, first think about a literary theme, visual concept, title, or legend. This will help produce a vision for a finished work that makes you feel there is more than sun protectors stamped “Made in Italy” on your nose.” Love it. Bring your own sunglasses (BYOS) to work with. 5-7 PM. Free.Tracy Oxford

Midway Contemporary Art Library, 527 Second Ave SE, MPLS;