Long-time Trylon volunteer Kathie Smith selected Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Cure for her shot at programming and the subversive Japanese thriller is one you don’t want to miss — THURS — TIX

“Hey, Dr. Jones. No time for love!” It’s Temple of Doom at the Parkway’s throwback screening — THURS — TIX

Al Church’s Cinematic Orchestra takes on the live soundtrack for the martial arts classic The Street Fighter (1974) — SUN — TIX

Love, Antosha portrays the rich and loving life of Anton Yelchin, mostly known at Chekov in the Star Trek reboot, that was cut short by his accidental death — THURS — TIX

The Uptown goes in an anime direction for the weekend’s midnight movie with Vampire Hunter DTIX

The story of a group of black radicals planning a violent revolution in the aftermath of MLK’s assissination, Jules Dassin takes on John Ford’s The Informer in Uptight, a portrayal of the country that blacklisted and exiled him — FRI-SUN — TIX

The Alamo screens one of Kubrick’s best, if not least famous, pictures, the lush period piece Barry Lyndon — SAT — TIX

Get your Hitchcock fix with the added bonus screening of North by Northwest at the Heights — MON — TIX