Here’s your Twincy Trend Watch™ story: There’s frequently been overlap between the food world and other Arts & Culture orgs, but it really seems like that relationship is stronger than ever. (That’s also your Free Story Idea of the Week™ for our many editor subscribers.) Custom beers for a good cause are a great example, especially the new JXTA Golden Ale from Dangerous Man. JXTA Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Producer created the flavor profile, Dangerous Man Brewing Co did the brewing, and the beer’s label and tap handle were designed by JXTA Graphic Design youth and young adult artist apprentices. Swing into the tap room to get a sample and learn more about the arts organization and collab. Wednesday, September 12th, 6 PM. Free.Art Humes

Dangerous Man Brewing, 1300 2nd St NE, MPLS;