“It is very bad to steal Jo Bu’s rum. Is very bad.” It was a very tough call to pick selections out at the Alamo this week between recommending Tuesday night’s Anaconda (1997) watch party (still some seats—and bandanas and poppers—left, but not many) and Wednesday’s screening of the hands-down best baseball movie ever made, Major League (1989). The slide edge does go to the latter, which sports an incredible lineup with Wesley Snipes in his prime, Sheen in his prime, James Gammon in his prime, Rene Russo, Tom Berenger, and the pitch-perfect performance from Margaret Whitton (RIP!), and also the team-up with Midtown MPLS craft brewers EastLake Brewing who will be providing the flights for the show. Still some seats, but also quickly filling up. Wednesday, March 27th, 7 PM. $25.36.Curt Stanski

Alamo Drafthouse, 9060 Hudson Road, Woodbury; drafthouse.com