We like to hype you up on the throwback flick like the very rare, one-time screening of an actual print of Flash Gordon at The Parkway Theater. [TIX] But there’s also a lot of good current stuff that you could also check out. The Uptown has the new Obama documentary The Final Year and Lebowski at Midnight. [TIX] Everything at Edina Landmark is a big deal right now: Phantom ThreadDarkest Hour, Lady Bird, even Happy End. [TIX] We cannot wait to see I, Tonya at The Lagoon (move over, Franco). [TIX] The Trylon is still doing their incredible A-List with Lawrence of Arabia and La Dolce Vita. [TIX] And we cannot wait to see the new flick from Hiromasa Yonebayashi (of Studio Ghili fame) Mary and the Witch’s Flower premiere at Showplace Icon. [TIX]