What’s more scary than being held captive at a bad theater show? A wacko winning the presidency! And also some of the legitimately skin-tingling stories splattering the stage at the Southern Theater for the Twin Cities Horror Festival! Now in it’s fifth year, the theater, dance, music, and film performances at the TCHF come in various levels of haunting, creepiness, and dismemberment, with multiple showtimes throughout the weekend. We’re got our (popped-out) eye on the spooky Severed by Ghoulish Delights, the spoken word and dance spells in Book of Shadows by Erin Sheppard Presents (pictured), 13-song frontier story The Legend of White Woman Creek by The ColdHarts, Four Humors Theater’s Ubu for President (see, they know!), and the Horror Show Hot Dog Short Film Festival by Horror Show Hot DogOct 27-Nov 6. $15.12 per show, passes available.Rick Bachman

Southern Theater, 1420 Washington Ave S, MPLS; southerntheater.org