Kicking off its two week run of fantastic films, the Twin Cities Film Fest showcases a wide selection of independent films—so many so that you could easily see not just one, but at least two movies every day of the fest and be wow’d every time. On our radars so far: Festival opener When Jeff Tried to Save the World with star Jon Heder (a barely recognizable Napoleon Dynamite) and director Kendall Goldberg attending the screening. The timely horror comedy film What Metal Girls Are Into where a trio of metal heads end up in an isolated desert vacation rental with a “zealous” owner. Documentary 93Queen captures a group of Hasidic women in Brooklyn taking on their patriarchy. You’ll cry the entire way through documentary Life in the Doghouse, a film that follows the sweetest and one of the most successful dog sanctuaries (we barely kept it together through the trailer). There’s even United Skates, a tribute to the disappearing roller discos that includes a local setting! And like we frequently suggest with film fests, plan on going to 4-5 pictures (here’s the schedule) and one of the gala events to get the full festival experience, it’s really fun to do. October 17th-27th. Passes start at $50, $12 GA tickets.Curt Stanski

ShowPlace ICON at West End, 1625 West End Blvd, SLP;