What do you get when you combine the funky sounds of the ’70s with the modern take of local rock musicians? Minneapolis’ own Heavy Deeds. The band consists of five musicians, all with rather diverse musical resumes. Performing in other bands is de rigueur for Heavy Deeds; take bassist Chris Bierden, for example. Bierden, formerly with psychedelic rock outfit Vampire Hands, now plays bass for Pony Trash and Poliça in addition to Heavy Deeds.

Fortunately, being in multiple bands plays to Heavy Deeds’ advantage—the group experiments with sound while maintaining a solid band vision. The band’s lead single, “Light Lunch,” is the perfect jam to accompany a drive up the coast (or at least a daydream with that scenario happening.) The band takes up residency for the month of December at the Turf Club so head on over for your addictive pop fix. 9 p.m. $5. —RO

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave. W., St.Paul, 651-647-0486, turfclub.net