The monthly RESEARCH COUNCIL installments of po-mo performance group Supergroup are, to borrow a phrase, “out there”, but they’ve also turned into defacto meet-up of sorts for the adventurous parts of our performance scene. It’s because the who’s who of MPLS + STPL stages love to marvel at SG’s mysteriously unfolding epic full of literal and figurative meetings, truths, and unknowns being “researched” at the Bryant Lake Bowl’s cabaret. Each month’s program is totally different and totally unique—definitely one of the most original experiences to be had here—and even though the whole series is building on itself, Supergroup says, “you might feel a little lost, but no worries, everyone else will too.” Tuesday, March 12th, 8 PM. $6-15 sliding scale. —Hitara

Bryant Lake Theater, 810 W Lake St, MPLS;