It’s pretty much impossible to like any Post-Punk or New Wave music—or any of the new music under their influences, which is most of it, actually—without paying respect to Depeche Mode. (It’s also pretty hard not to love the “People Are People” writers responding to their neo-nazis “fans” telling them not to try and claim Depeche Mode!) DJ Jake Rudh and Transmission, who year after year and week after week, continually pay those respects, teams up with Psycho Suzi’s for the new Just Can’t Get Enough, part celebration of Depeche Mode’s past music and part celebration of their upcoming album Spirit. There will be a constant stream of tiki drinks and New Wave music, and even prizes that include merch signed by the band! Saturday, 8 PM. Free.Paul Cajun

Psycho Suzi’s, 1900 Marshall St NE, MPLS;