When we hype up multi-artist shows, there’s usually maybe six, maybe upwards of a dozens participants and their work on display. When the very excellent Light Grey Art Lab does a multi-artist show, however, they really go for it, especially when the theme is tiny—the gallery’s new Tiny Homes exhibition incredibly features over 80 artists. The many, many pieces in the show focus on the theme of home, whether it’s a safe haven or something darker. The opening reception coincides with Light Grey Art Lab’s annual fundraiser in a pop-up shop in adjunct gallery, and we’re excited to bring some of their past artwork, original projects, publications, zines, postcards, skateboards, and more to our own tiny homes. Friday, 7-10 PM. Free.Tracy Oxford

Light Grey Art Lab, 118 E 26th St #101, MPLS; lightgreyartlab.com