Don’t want to spend even the $4.99 to get the Desus & Mero special now that the Bodega Boys are on Showtime? Save your money, and keep your talk shows local when the rum bar at Pimento transforms into the set of a new live variety talk show that’s supposed to run an hour, but with all the talent they’ve book we hopefully expect the program to run long. Hosted by Unicus Harry (of Kanser/MTL Music), the schedule includes beatbox Extrodinare Dj Snuggles as the house band, and rapper Desdamona, electro-soul staple and SotC fav Lady Midnight, and Trevor Wade as special guests. Somehow it’s also a free show and Pimento’s running $3 Red Stripe and $5 shot/drink bartenders choice for the show. Thursday, March 14th, 7 PM. Free.Paul Cajun

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen, 2524 Nicollet Ave S, MPLS;