Yes, there’s Ingrid Chavez’s all-important Prince connections—she’s The Spirit Child on the Lovesexy album, she recorded The Poetry Session with Prince at Paisley Park Studios, she was even the love interest in Graffiti Bridge. There’s also her noteworthy work with Lenny Kravitz on Madonna’s catchy hit “Justify My Love”. But Chavez’s lyrical and beat-driven music has also easily stood on its own, and she’s poised to make a whole new generation of fans with her upcoming album Memories of Flying. We don’t have any idea how there’s tickets left for her appearance at the Hewing Rooftop concert series, an incredible venue to see someone of Chavez’s caliber perform up close—grab those few remaining tickets as fast as you can. And once those are sold out, head to the Electric Fetus on Saturday for her in-store appearance and signing. Thursday, June 6th, 7 PM. $25.Paul Cajun

Hewing Hotel, 300 Washington Ave N, MPLS;