It’s impossible to overstate the incredible influence of Eric B. & Rakim and their seminal album Paid in Full, often held up as the best hip-hop album ever made by some of the best MCs to bring hip-hop to the people, but don’t just take our word for it. On the one hand, look at the openers for Thursday’s stop at Amsterdam—Maria Isa, T La Shawn, and DJ Huh? What? All killers who are undoubtedly excited to open for legends. On the other hand, Erik B. Rakim’s upper echelon status is why there’s so much excitement for the dynamic duo’s smaller, spendier ($150) show at the much more up-close 331 Club and why it will be worth every dollar. Thursday, May 23rd, 8 PM. $40.King Rojas

Amsterdam Bar & Hall, 6 W 6th St, STPL;