Much like the popular podcast BehindtheBastards that backtracks on some of history’s worst bad guys to try and find where they went so wrong, the next installment of The Renaissance Review live variety show presents local wrasslin’ heel Darin Corbin. Corbin is easily one of the worst characters ever in the history of MPLS + STPL—there was no greater joy in the world than seeing him lose to Freshly Squeezed Orange Cassidy at the VFW, and we hope the hosts of the show bring that up over and over and over. In addition from hearing from terrible The Ginger Snap, the evening of improv also features live music from house band Mr. Rogers & The Make Believe Friends and stand up from Andrew Wegleitner. BTW, before you go, check out the previous installment in its entirety on youtube if for no other reason than the stand-up set by the very funny Courtney Baka. Thursday, April 11th, 7 PM. $5.Rich Morgan

honey, 205 Hennepin Ave E, MPLS;