In addition to providing decades of classic Halloween costumes, fairy tales have also served the role of establishing what sort of people and behaviors are to be rewarded (usually with a husband) or punished (usually with the loss of eyesight or other important appendages). That, anyway, is the assertion under question at the Loft’s next Big Ideas event this Thursday. The jumping off point is The Merry Spinster: Tales of Everyday Horror, a book by Daniel Mallory Ortberg which re-invents and re-arranges fairy tales and their classic characters to suggest new morals (or at least more ambiguous ones). Ortberg leads the discussion on the fairy tale’s role in society and whether opportunities exist to change how they shape our sense of right and wrong. Thursday November 8. 7-8:30 PM. $10 members/$15 non-members. —Isabelle Wattenberg

The Loft Literary Center, 1011 S Washington Ave, MPLS;