If ten years in lit mag time is like 80 people years, then a 13th birthday party for student-operated publication The Wake would put them well over a hundred—but really, with a birthday party lineup this youthful, they’re really 13 years young. The show features a who’s who of local 20-something rockers: calamitous punks The Miami Dolphins, the alty synth pop trio BOYF (formerly White Boyfriend), butt-loving post-punk party animals Yoni Yum, and the Radio K-ish Human Kindness. All that and cake tonight at the Triple Rock. Btw, forever a go we got some of our early writing published in The Wake and it was awesome, so kudos for the staff for keeping it up and maintaining a place for young writers to get some clips! 8 PM. $5. —Anthony Brown

Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Ave, MPLS; triplerocksocialclub.com