This week’s announcement that the Soap Factory will not be closed, and that they’ll be hosting art throughout the summer for their new artist residencies, comes just as we get pumped for this weekend’s opening reception for Art(ists) on the Verge. Every year we refer to AoV as “one of the best art exhibits of the year” and we’ve have artist friends who have told us directly, “If I could be in one art show, it would be Art(ists) on the Verge.” It’s that big of a deal! A yearlong program, the fellowship for emerging artists working experimentally at the intersection of art, technology, and digital culture with Steve Dietz (of Northern Spark), and it produces some of the most forward-thinking and innovative work you will see in MPLS + STPL. We can’t wait to see what his year’s fellows—Jessica Henderson, Joshua McGarvey, Liza Sylvestre, and Eric F. Avery (see our studio visit)—have on display. Saturday, 7 PM. Free. —Tracy Oxford

Soap Factory, 514 SE 2nd St, MPLS;