Right now, you might know of LA alt-rockers The Neighbourhood from their first single, “Sweater Weather,” an unlikely summer anthem that may be the first to include the line “I hate the beach.” We’re fairly confident the genre-defying group will last longer than one season, so you’d be well advised to catch them at this week’s Varsity stop. They’re an intriguing brand of visionaries, a tattooed bunch that balance smoothly layered digital soundscapes with the rough edge of an electric guitar reverb, or a scratch in the voice of the velvety-voiced lead singer. Oddest of all is their insistence on being photographed only in black-and-white—they even got Jimmy Kimmel on board, convincing the show to desaturate their performance for national broadcast. See them live and in color, this Friday. 9 p.m. $13 in advance, $15 at the door. –EK

Varsity Theater, 1308 4th St. SE, Mpls., 612-604-0222, varsitytheater.org