The Melvins Residency at Grumpy’s


If you couldn’t make it the first night of the Melvins’s two night residency at Grumpy’s downtown on Tuesday, you still have another chance to see the heavy rock pioneers tonight. For the last 25+ years, King Buzzo and his signature mop have been making hefty and quirky music that has placed the band as the frontrunners of the Northwest grunge scene and tops on many lists of “must see” rock and metal groups. So you better hurry to buy tickets — entry to the small space of Grumpy’s will last as long as your hearing without earplugs. They’ll be performing 2 sets per night, starting at 10pm. Tickets are $20 and available online. More information available on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “The Melvins Residency at Grumpy’s

  1. dug

    I’ve got a ticket for tonight, but I’m confused about how the 2 sets per night thing works since the ticket doesn’t specify which of the two sets it’s for. ?

  2. _taylor_ Post author

    yo dug, I believe your ticket for tonight gets you in to the bar and the Melvins play an early set and a late set and you get to see them both, which is awesome.

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