In the 13 years The Intelligence bandmates have been together, they’ve been busy. With seven albums, seven singles, five split singles, two EPs, and compilation album appearances under their belts, The Intelligence members’ self-described “pop/thrash” music appeals to a large audience. The band began as a studio project in which leader Lars Finberg played all the instruments on home recordings. Finberg began touring with a live band, thus, marking the beginning of The Intelligence as a full-fledged group. Each song is different from the last, making The Intelligence an unpredictable and exciting band to see live.

Presented by Radio K, The Intelligence performs with guests Birthday Suits and Diver Dress at the Triple Rock Social Club; the perfect venue to get familiar with neighboring concert-goers and dance it out. 8 p.m. $10. —RO

Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Ave., 612-333-7399,