If you weren’t able to fit in the Soap Factory’s new exhibition The Erasers to your Northern Spark schedule, tonight’s a great night to stop in and take a walk through the show. Inspired by French author Alain Robbe-Grillet, the installations features pieces that explore the many relationships between humans and objects. How do objects help us form memories or remember the past? How do objects change what we value, or how we navigate our world? And how can objects be something more important and mysterious than their physical shape might suggest? Curated by Corinna Kirsch, The Erasers features a variety of conceptual art pieces that try to provide answers to these questions from a respected group of national and international artists including Jesse Durost, Beth Jeffries Barnes, Matthew Metzger, Sam Moyer, Ruben Nusz, and many more. The exhibition runs through July 17th. For more information, visit the Soap Factory’s website.