Any descriptions of Tanya Tagaq’s vocal art, electronic music, and striking visual performances don’t do it justice, but bear with us: Tagaq’s style lies somewhere in-between beat-boxing and throat singing, mixing guttural growls with post-modern melodic accents, all forcefully delivered over dynamic and avant-garde new music. (It’s like everything David Lynch was trying to do on the darker side of Twin Peaks, if that helps you place it.) It’s impossible not to feel the music on your body, to also have an emotional reaction of some kind. It’s no wonder that many in MPLS + STPL’s art and scene have been abuzz ahead of Tagaq’s performance of her new Retribution this weekend at the Ordway. Grab tix if there’s any left, also read up on her work with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Children’s Movement. Friday, 7:30 PM. $27-32.Tracy Oxford

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, 345 Washington St, STPL;