To be honest, by this point in the summer, we’re block partied out; It takes something a little more than just a few brats and bands to motivate us this time of year. Fortunately, Tilia’s saved some of the best block partying for mid-Aug . . . tober. The Linden Hills restaurant hosts a wicked combo of dishes and desserts from Saint Genevieve, Red Wagon Pizza, Terzo, and Patisserie 46, and of course their own kitchen. There’s new Oktoberfest beer varieties, and music from big time headliner Ike Reilly, throwback rockers Kiss The Tiger, funksters Mr. Allen’s Percolations, all-bass cover band Basses Loaded, and the warm and cuddly DJ Truckstache spinning deep country cuts. It’s a pretty family friendly event, so balance your arrival time on the later side to avoid the crowd, but not too late to miss any of the food if it runs out. Sunday, August 18th, 3 PM. $10. —Christian Cooper

Tilia Mpls, 2726 W 43rd St, MPLS;