“Ever cry to Idina Menzel? Buy packers as a method of getting over a breakup? Hinge an extraordinary amount of your self-worth on the possibility that your ex might still love you? You might be a sad butch.” If you have a busy day that requires a lot of focus, wait til the weekend to check out the homegrown internet phenomenon of @sadbutchcollective because you’re going to scroll through every single post and marvel at how good it is. Then once you’re done, if all the memes hit squarely home for you, plan on stopping by The Future for the release of the first zine issue from the open collective of Mpls queers striving for non-harmful masculinity. They’ll have copies to buy, plus activities like a singalong of Wonderwall (the sad butch national anthem), speed breakups, sad butch mad libs and more. Sunday, February 17th, 6:30-8:30 PM. Free to attend, zine $0-15.King Rojas

Seen The Future, 2223 E 35th St, MPLS; thefuturempls.com