Out of the many different parties happening in and around PRIDE—how can we not recommend seeing TLC(!) at the PRIDE in concert festivities—we want to make sure DJ Keezy’s takover of the already top night Night Church dance night at Icehouse is also on your PRIDE party calendar. The sound selector and Klituation founder returns from opening for Atmosphere(!!) on tour to set up all weekend at Icehouse to throw in on stacked dance nights Soul Friday and Shannon Blowtorch’s Saturday party Thank U, Cum Again!. Keezy then takes over the wildly popular Night Church with her own special guests Sarah White, Ness Nite, DJ NEEKA SODOPE. Go for at least one of the nights, or if your backside can handle it, go for all three. Sunday, June 23rd, 10 PM. $15. —Hitara

Icehouse, 2528 Nicollet Ave S, MPLS; icehousempls.com