Yes, Game of Thrones is terrible, especially now that it’s past GRRM’s printed text. And we full expect this season to be the worst of them all now that HBO has changed the equation from Book Plot + (Nudity + Violence) to Shipper Story Lines x (Extra Quips + Nudity + Violence). That said, we have both Viserion and Tyrion on our GoT Fantasy team Tales from the Winterfell Crypts!, so we’ll be checking out the action in real time, likely weekly in the cocktail lounge the remodeled Black Hart STPL bar in STPL that normally combines classic drag shows with soccer obsessives. Go dragons! Rack up some points! Sunday, April 14th, 8 PM. Free. —Kevin M. Nakloz

Black Hart of Saint Paul, 1415 University Ave W, STPL;