We think Halloween is one of the best times of year and its because of all the creative Arts & Culture celebrations of the dark, the macabre, the bloody, etc. Like . . . We’re very excited to check out the Dark Arts Festival at the Creators Space in St Spooky; The free two-day event full of 40+ artists who identify their work with the aesthetics of dark culture, plus live music and more. If you truly want to be scared, the ongoing Twin Cities Horror Festival of gristly theater productions is in full swing at The Southern. You can of course still pee your pants in fright at The Haunted Basement. We’re hoping to meet original possession pioneer Linda Blair at the super huge Crypticon get together at the Hilton out at MOA. If you need something a little less frightful, there’s also the Barebones Halloween Spooktacular with giant puppets and fire and live music at Hidden Falls Regional Park. We’re also excited for NOSFERATU: A Symphony of Horror, A Silent Film Accompanied by The Curse of the Vampire Orchestra that’s at the Music Box Theater