Jam your face with as much Louisiana Style Crawfish Boil as you can possibly jam! Jam it in there! For $30 you get access to a whole day of delicious hurricane cocktails, beers, and Minneshowta crayfish, but we’ll be honest you’ll want to definitely just do the $50 early ticket with all you eat food and drinks. That’s actually an insane deal, even if it wasn’t a block party. But it is, and the music also runs all afternoon with a bunch party animal bands like Davina and her Vagabonds, G’n’R tribute Appetite for Zaccardi, and more. It’s going to get messy, but messy parties are often the most fun. Saturday, August 4th, Noon. $30-60. —Art Humes

Smack Shack, 603 Washington Ave N, smack-shack.com