Who’s the artist you love who’s worn just two outfits for the last 30 years? Seekins! Damn, right. Not only has Minneapolitan Scott Seekins created art since the ’60s, he’s been considered a walking art installation for about the same period of time. An iconic figure in Minnesota art, Seekins’ art is personal and relatable, using humor to shadow any bleakness and irony he aims to express about himself or the world. Saturday night at the Familia Skateshop, Seekins will showcase his personal photos and paintings at a free, after hours public event in which Seekins himself will drift throughout the crowd and make sure you feel his presence. In addition to Seekins artwork, Familia will be selling limited edition Familia X Scott Seekins skateboards and t-shirts to commemorate the collaboration. 2833 Hennepin Ave., Mpls., 612-353-6930. For more information visit FamiliaSkateshop.com.