Hymie’s makes a good argument for going vinyl this weekend as they join in the nationwide celebration of Record Store Day. It’s the anniversary of the store’s change in ownership, so the party gets bigger every year, this time spilling onto the streets (under tents, if the rain comes). Indoor and outdoor stages will host local acts all day, including Chastity Brown, Big Quarters, and a dozen others. Merlins Rest Pub is holding down a beer garden on 39th with PBRs and Harriet brews on tap, and local vendors are lining the street to complete the festival atmosphere. Did we mention DJ Truckstash spinning records, Open Eye Figure Theater’s puppet show, and Rogue Citizen’s live poster-making? Check out last year’s event for a taste of what’s in store.

If you’re actually going for the records, Hymie’s doesn’t disappoint. They’re hauling out crates of thousands of LPs and 45s on sale for just 10 cents each for you to rifle through all day. Pick up American Buffalo 2, an LP with tracks from Noiseland Industries’ artists, such as Charlie Parr, Big Cats, and Swallows, free with any purchase. Whether you’re celebrating the humble record or the arrival of spring, it’s a neighborhood block party not to miss. 10:45 a.m.–9 p.m. Free. —EK

Hymie’s Vintage Records, 3820 E. Lake St., Mpls., 612-729-8890, hymiesrecords.com