Experimenting with beats from his bedroom (or at least that’s what he wants you to think) on little else than a vocoder and a dream, c.Kostra takes his latest lo-fi tracks to the Kitty Cat Klub this weekend. Recognize that face? Ryan Olcott was the frontman of Pitchfork darling 12 Rods in the ‘90s indie heyday, and he’s been deeply ensconced in the Minneapolis music community ever since. You may have caught him with Mystery Palace or even briefly as conceptual FoodTeam, but tonight he’s totally laid-back and occasionally danceable as c.Kostra, fitting for the come-as-you-are Kitty Cat scene. He’s joined by dreamy Gloss, “electroacoustic” indie collective The Multiple Cat, and synth-free rockers Brilliant Beast for a solid Saturday night. 9 p.m. $5. —EK

Kitty Cat Klub, 315 14th Ave. SE, Mpls., 612-331-9800, kittycatklub.net