What’s getting your hair done without doing the nails, too? The same “full package” common sense applies to the one-off combination of visual art and dance in Witch District Stitch at the ultra-hip Hair + Nails gallery. Curator Kristin Van Loon aka KVL brings in performers Laurie Van Weiren, Amal Rogers, and KVL’s own dance duo HIJACK to do their movement inside the gallery, outside the gallery, and below the gallery, while models also showcase wearable designs by LA artist and musician Rachel Blomgren, local Rebecca Spangenthal, and curator Ryan Fontaine. Very cool stuff. Pro Tip: Get there early, it’s going to be a Who’s Who of performance scenesters. Saturday, 8:30 PM. Free.Tracy Oxford

Hair and Nails, 2222 1/2 E 35th St, MPLS; hairandnailsart.com