The largest and most important literary gathering in the Well-Read North, The Twin Cities Book Festival brought to you by Rain Taxi returns this Saturday to the Fine Arts Building at the State Fair. And with it, the event brings many happenings that even you non-book nerds will like. There’s former punk and post-rocker turned avant-garde guitarist, David Grubbs, reading from his trippy book-length prose poem about an imaginary concert. There’s legendary NYC performance artist Karen Finley reading from her new book Grabbing Pussy and discussing our collective psychosexual crisis. There’s MN poets paying tribute to Bob Dylan. There’s a poetry bus, a Bookfest raffle, a used book and record, and that’s not even including the big name authors throughout the day. Really a bucket list event for our Arts & Culture scene, find time to go! Saturday, October 13th, 10 AM-5 PM. Free. —Tracy Oxford

Minnesota State Fair Grounds, 1265 Snelling Ave N, STPL;