Thunderpussy fucking rule. The quartet of righteous babes from Seattle deliver the type of scorching guitars, thundering drums, and wailing vocals that the rock gods of yesterday (or their contemporary cheap imitators) would envy. And along with those swooning hooks and roaring riffs, Thunderpussy add their own take on wild entertainment elements—guitarist Whitney Petty even breaks out a violin bow on occasion and vocalist Molly Sides is as much a shimmering cabaret performer as a dynamic singer. Even more, for their must-see show at the Turf Club, they’ve tapped into other local ladies to bring the rock: Annie and the Bang Bang and the guitar fireworks of Seaberg & The Black Velvet Punks open. Saturday, August 17th, 8 PM. $12 advance, $15 doors.Taylor Carik

Turf Club, 1601 University Ave, STPL;