For those soldiering through the outdoor beer fest season, here’s a great reason to keep sampling: The Nordeast Big River Brewfest offers a gathering of unembellished, solid brew sipping, delivered in mini-stein tasters. It’s one of the smaller festivals, both in festival ground square footage and represented breweries—rather a nice break from some of the sometimes overwhelming selection presented by the hallmark fests of the year (which we still love, mind you). It’s also decidedly pro-dog with water bowls a-plenty, so bring your pups or come ready to ogle everyone else’s. Proceeds support East Side Neighborhood Services, which promotes equity through employment training, food, and transportation services. Saturday, October 20th, 1-4 PM. $35. 21+. Isabelle Wattenberg

East Side Neighborhood Services, 1700 NE 2nd Street, MPLS.